1 November 2013

Global butterfly

So, the new Pokémon have come. And among them is the new Bug-type, Vivillon.
It certainly looks interesting. The colour on its wings depends on the geographical location of the OT. For example, "Icy Snow" can be gotten from Finland, Norway and parts of Canada and "Continental" from West Europe, Korea, Sweden, Russia and parts of US.
This rises a question. How are they going to deal with this gimmick in anime? Or Mystery Dungeon and Ranger games? Or TCG? Game Freak seems rather inconsiderate to adaptations and spin-offs at times, but this takes the cake.
In the past, the TCG's success at duplicating several gimmicks of the Pokémon has varied in success. They did do Eevee and Ditto right, but Nincada's evolutionary line should be checked. At least some versions of Shedinja's Poké-Body make sense considering its actual gimmick. The Pokémon Powers/Poké-Bodies/Poké-Powers helped save many a gimmick, but with Vivillon, it's damn much impossible.
Ditto, Eevee, Unown, Wobbuffett, Slaking, Shedinja, Plusle & Minun, Spinda, Castform, Kecleon, Shellos, Chatot, Phione, Sigilyph, Zoroark, Vivillon, Malamar... Really, why doesn't Digimon have any shit like this?
Anyone remember Digimon? I guess not.

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